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Inside the Brussels bubble: Two reviews of the JCI EUKHT

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Shaping the future of Europe: Young leaders and entrepreneurs present solutions on how to re-engage young people in politics

An international delegation of over 40 JCI members from 10 European countries gathered in Brussels to discuss the inclusion of young people in political decision-making processes with European policy-makers

October 11, 2018 – From October 7-11 more than 40 JCI Members from all over Europe met in Brussels for the annual JCI European Know-How Transfer to learn more about the work and functioning of European institutions and share their ideas on how to foster the political participation of young people to create sustainable solutions for the future of Europe.

The 2018 edition of the program focused especially on the involvement and representation of young people in political decision-making processes. The first two days included intensive workshops and discussions with representatives from the European Commission and other stakeholders from politics, business and civil society, in which the participants learnt about the European Union’s strategy on youth involvement and the role of civ…

From Reus to Hellas - A European Project that brings Hope for Peace

"From Reus to Hellas" is a project initiated by JCI Reus, and managed by JCI member Jordi Cervera Guasch, 25, from Reus, Catalonia, that aims to help young refugees stranded in refugee camps on Lesbos by providing sport and leisure activities. In this article Jordi shared his fascinating story with us.
Along with JCI Reus, Jordi designed a program that could be useful and sustainable in tending to those displaced populations and quickly put into action. After several fund-raising efforts and with the indispensable collaboration of JCI Greece, in August 2016 the first team of 12 lifeguards was sent to the Kara Tepe refugee camp on the Greek island Lesbos, in the framework of a program that was called "From Reus to Hellas".
"I have been in contact with the water since I was a child, swimming, training, and working as a lifeguard on the Catalan beaches every single summer since I was seventeen. After I had seen the images of the Syrian refugee crisis i…

New Partnership: JCI Europe has partnered with Easy Signup

EasySignup will help you manage your events
We are happy to announce that JCI Europe has made a partnership with EasySignup, an online signup system that makes it easy to manage events and communicate with attendees. It can be used to organize events for members in a local chapter, a business event, a national conference, or even to collect membership fees.

The partnership makes it possible for national teams, regions and local chapters to use EasySignup for free!

What are your benefits?
Save time on event administration
- No manual e-mailing in relation to registration
- No copy/paste to spreadsheets

-> More time to spend time on planning and executing your events even better!

Great overview of events in your country
EasySignup makes it possible to create a combined national list of events, which is updated automatically. That gives a great overview of events, which is easy to communicate to members.
You can see an example of JCI Denmark here:

GDPR compl…

Join the JCI World Congress Goa from 30 October to 3 November 2018!

JCI invites you to join us for a week packed with content, action and impact!

Don't forget to register for the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, India, from 30 October to 3 November!

The World Congress is THE yearly event that active members, Senators, Alumni, and even non-members are looking forward to be a part of! JCI members are focused on personal development or business networking, some join to help their local community or for international networking. The impact that we were able to generate if we unite all sectors of society would be enormous.

At 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa JCI will work with government agencies, businesses, and local communities to create an innovative and challenging program. A program which provides everyone with the means to multiply his or her impact. Not only during this congress, but in their own country and within their own community.

You can register for the World Congress at the international website of JCI:


Experiencing the European Know-How Transfer - A participant's report

Lessons learned from the JCI European Know-How Transfer 2016

Almost 2 years have passed since I took part in the JCI European Know-How Transfer in Brussels. Those two years seem to have rushed by very fast as I can still remember the feeling of how it felt to be in a group of enthusiastic JCI members within the heart of European decision-making.

For me the week offered an extensive outlook on how decision-making really happens on the European level - starting from lobbying the decision-makers in practice to cooperation between the European Parliament and the European Commission on setting directives.
The best experience was that we really got the chance to learn from the people doing the actual daily work in Brussels and who had been involved in many of the decision-making processes for years. This is not something you can learn from text books or promotional brochures of the European Union.

Personally, I also enjoyed the time I got to spend with my host Liisa Jaakonsaari, Finnish MEP…

Application Deadline April 11th - 2018 JCI European Academy

This years' JCI European Academy will be from the 17th to the 21st of August in Gothenburg, Sweden. The JCI European Academy offers trainings in various topics related to leadership. It is a fantastic chance to develop the JCI organization at a local, national and international level. For example, the international network that is created during the Academy can be the foundation of a sustainable cooperation among JCI Local Organizations across the country borders of Europe. The web application for participants has already opened and we have already heard back from a lot of countries. Still, there are quite a few countries left we have not heard of. The deadline for the applicants to fill in their web application is on 11th April. 
Please promote this years' JCI European Academy to your National Organization!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to send an e-mail…